Verdygo and Strukton International commit to long-term cooperation The marketing and building of sewage treatment plants in the Middle East

Verdygo and Strukton International commit to long-term cooperation The marketing and building of sewage treatment plants in the Middle East


Strukton International BV and Verdygo BV are working together to market Verdygo design and construction technology, and to deliver projects. On 22 August 2017, Guus Pelzer, Director at Verdygo BV, and Bert Hoekstra, Managing Director at Strukton International BV, signed a cooperation agreement that turns the letter of intent signed on 26 April 2016 into a strategic cooperation for the long-term.

The principle behind Verdygo’s design and construction technology is the customised purification of sewage water for the lowest possible cost to the community. A Verdygo sewage treatment plant is flexible, which makes it easy to respond to any technological, demographic or climatic changes. Verdygo is above-ground, modular and sustainable, and can be produced cheaper than traditional installations. As a result, the installation can be up- or down-scaled, depending on market demand and even moved if necessary, for example to a location closer to the customer. Innovations are easy to incorporate by simply adding a module. Allowing for a quick response to new developments in purification technology, such as phosphate recovery, sludge treatment or the removal of medicines from wastewater. A Verdygo requires a relatively short preparation and implementation period, and is on average 20% cheaper than a traditionally-built installation.

The two parties collaborate on the marketing and construction of sewage treatment plants, employing the modular Verdygo concept in the Middle East, parts of Europe (in particular, Scandinavian countries), and Aruba.

“We make use of each other’s specific knowledge, expertise and experience in projects where Verdygo would work well,” explains Michel Bouts, member of the Supervisory Board of Verdygo BV. “Verdygo BV provides advice on the applicability and system engineering, and training and advice in the area of maintenance and launching of installations. We can also manage the system for clients from a central control room. Strukton provides technical feasibility analyses, engineering, project management, and building and financing constructions. The Supervisory Board supports collaborations with internationally-renowned companies of this kind, as they advance the promotion of Dutch water management expertise.”

The Middle East is subject to extreme water shortages due to a combination of limited water sources, a water-intensive Oil & Gas extraction industry, and rapid population growth. Water extraction from seawater accelerates seawater salinization as a result of the discharge of residuals. Leading to extinction locally of sea flora and fauna.

In addition, there is a growing need for drinking water, as a result of the expansion and new construction of urban sites, and also for water for greenery in urban areas. Along with this growing demand for water, there is also an increasing focus on sustainability, and on cheaper and flexible construction techniques. For which the Verdygo concept offers a pragmatic, inexpensive solution.

Strukton have been carrying out projects in the Middle East for some time, and recognise and appreciate the added value to the region that the Verdygo concept offers. And this has led to the signing of this cooperation agreement today.

“Our knowledge of, and years of experience in, the Middle East, combined with a Dutch innovation such as Verdygo, creates all sorts of new opportunities in the area of sustainability,” argues Bert Hoekstra, Managing Director at Strukton. “By combining our strengths, we’re ideally placed to meet the region’s needs.”

Verdygo BV’s parent company, Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg, is launching customer of the Verdygo concept. At the treatment plant in Roermond the entire supply system, consisting of the booster pumping station and grilles, has been replaced. While at the Simpelveld treatment plant, the organic treatment, including sludge thickening, has been replaced. Together, the two projects form a blueprint for a complete purification process employing the Verdygo concept.