What is Verdygo?

A flexible plant

Water boards are facing a number of challenges. To become future proof, they need to reduce net annual costs, take on a more sustainable approach and improve the quality of treated water while lowering costs.

In finding the best approach to face these challenges, Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg (Water Board Limburg) in the Netherlands chose to look at the future with a completely open mind. Letting go of the conventional Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) was the key to the development of a completely new way of designing and constructing sewage treatment plants. It led to Verdygo: a modular, sustainable sewage treatment plant with an above ground setup. All the technical equipment is designed in the form of container-sized, transportable plug & play modules.


Verdygo BV is an advocate of the principle of open innovation. That means that we believe that incorporating both internal and external ideas can accelerate internal innovation. We have actively used external knowledge when developing and elaborating the Verdygo design and construction technique.

Verdygo is plug and play!