Mission Verdygo

Verdygo BV aims to make sewage treatment flexible, inexpensive and sustainable. We have therefore developed an innovative modular design and construction technique including plug & play connections to enable customized wastewater treatment. In cooperation with partner companies, Verdygo BV will promote and facilitate the design and construction of modular sewage treatment plants. Verdygo BV will provide services to support modularization and standardization in projects with local partners. If possible, services such as commissioning, management and maintenance and/or training will be added. Verdygo BV provides these services from a lean organization in cooperation with parent company Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg (Water Board Limburg), which also acted as a launching customer. Verdygo BV combines the reliability of a public organization and the entrepreneurship of a market player. This results in moderate risk-taking and corresponding return of the company.

Vision Verdygo


Verdygo BV stands for ‘flexible and sustainable sewage treatment’ for today and a changing, unpredictable future. With Verdygo’s future proof, modular construction we contribute to reducing water scarcity and untreated discharges. Verdygo makes managing plants and processes in the water cycle more effective, efficient and sustainable.

Verdygo BV’s main focus is sewage treatment. Verdygo BV aims to participate as a specialist in national and international projects. Initially, Verdygo BV will focus on the domestic market and one specific foreign region: the Middle East. We will do so in close cooperation with our partner Strukton.

Using the example projects from parental company Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg (Water Board Limburg) and other Dutch Water Boards, Verdygo BV will build upon her position in the next growth phase. Verdygo BV will then extend her activities to other parts of the water cycle (by developing business cases with industry and agriculture), and by gradual extension of the regions, partners and new services.