Verdygo BV and Royal HaskoningDHV sign cooperation agreement for application of Nereda® technology in modular Verdygo water treatment concept


Royal HaskoningDHV and Verdygo BV are working together to make Nereda® technology available in international Verdygo installations. On September 5th 2017, Guus Pelzer, Director at Verdygo BV, and René Noppeney, Global Director of Water Technology Products & Innovation at Royal HaskoningDHV, signed a Letter of Intent for cooperation.

The principle behind Verdygo’s design and construction technology is the customised purification of sewage water at the lowest possible cost to the community. A Verdygo sewage treatment plant consists of above-ground standardised modules that are easy to disassemble and move. Providing the flexibility to respond to technological, demographic or climatic trends or developments. For example, by relocation in response to a change in market demand. A Verdygo treatment plant requires relatively little preparation and implementation time, and is on average 20 percent cheaper than a traditionally-built installation. A module can also be switched at any time should there be new developments in areas such as phosphate recovery, sludge treatment or the removal of medicines from wastewater. Royal HaskoningDHV has developed for Verdygo a module for purification based on its Nereda® technology.

This Royal HaskoningDHV-patented technology purifies wastewater using bacteria that forms granules and settles quickly. Verdygo is working with this sustainable technology in the blueprint Verdygo installation in Simpelveld. “We’re proud that our Nereda technology is part of the Verdygo concept,” says René Noppeney. “Verdygo will open doors and give more people access to sustainable sanitation. This modular way of working is the future.”

As a member of the Supervisory Board of Verdygo BV, Michel Bouts is equally enthusiastic. “The Nereda technology is easy to apply as a module within a Verdygo installation. There is zero use of chemicals, energy consumption is 30-50% lower, and it requires a much smaller construction area, resulting in lower costs. In other words, a perfect match with the Verdygo concept, which focuses on sustainability, costs and flexibility. The Supervisory Board supports this sort of cooperation with internationally-renowned companies in order to further enhance the promotion of Dutch water management expertise.”