Open innovation

Open innovation

Verdygo BV is an advocate of the principle of open innovation. That means that we believe that incorporating both internal and external ideas can accelerate internal innovation. We have actively used external knowledge when developing and elaborating the Verdygo design and construction technique.

Open innovation also means that we welcome new ideas from external parties and that we are very willing to cooperate with external partners. The modular character of Verdygo makes it easy to fit in other innovations. This provides opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises to conduct tests and pilots. Please contact us if you want to contribute to our innovation in wastewater treatment.

EIP European Innovation Partnerships


Verdygo has the privilege to be one of 25 EIP (European Innovation Partnerships) Action Groups. It was selected because Verdygo is regarded as a highly promising approach to sustainable water management.

EIP for Verdygo means that we can work on a professional basis with many different partners in the world of water as well as in technology, finance and government. EIP can help Verdygo realizing her dreams in a shorter period of time: more sustainable and modular solutions in wastewater treatment for the world in the near future.

Companies, Government, Educational and research institutions