Off to a flying start


WBL is planning on realizing four Verdygo’s in just four years time. The construction of two of these Verdygo’s will be initiated even this year and will be built as a substitution of – parts of – already existing plants in Limburg. The new installation can be adjusted to external transformations and they use the most advanced and recent treatment technologies.

First of all the existing wastewater treatment plant will be replaced. The plant in Simpelveld (Limburg, The Netherlands) treats the wastewater of 12,000 inhabitants. The middle part of the installation comprises the biological treatment part and will be rebuilt in a fully modular way. As is specific for Verdygo.

After the summer period in 2014 the preparation will start for tendering the project of replacing the first part of the installation (pumping and rosters) of the installation in Roermond (Limburg, The Netherlands). In this first part all the installation parts and modules will be built and connected to a feed chute following the ‘Plug & Play’ principle, which Verdygo is known for.