Tender process

Tender process and Best Value: Simpelveld and Roermond


On the 3rd of October 2014 the tender procedure of our first Verdygo-project was initiated. This project consists of the total replacement of the central section of the sewage treatment plant – the organic treatment – in Simpelveld (The Netherlands). And the replacement of the initial section of the sewage treatment plant in Roermond (The Netherlands). This initial section comprises the following elements: booster systems, grids and sand collection.

The project contains, next to the realization of the Verdygo, an engineering phase as well. In this phase of the project the Verdygo concept will be transformed into the Verdygo standard.

A selection round in which references, proven records and experiences of the tendering parties were shown preceded the actual tender of the combined project – Simpelveld and Roermond. This selection round resulted in the election of 4 organizations. One of these parties will eventually drop out on voluntary basis, which allows us to continue the tender process with three organizations.

During the process of tendering, we will apply the Best Value method. This means that we don’t necessarily award the project to the organization that has the best/lowest prize, but to the organization that fits this project best.

Our underlying project objectives form the basis for the Best Value method. The tendering contractor has to prove whether and how he will be able to reach Verdygo’s project objectives, which risks should be taken in account and which opportunities he sees. The project objectives are defined according the Verdygo principles. This guarantees the Verdygo standard.

At this moment the tendering process is in its submitting phase. As expected the outcome will be announced on the 12th of December 2014. It will then become clear which party is ranked highest and by knowing this we will automatically enter the clarification phase.